About us

ADCO Consulting Ltd. is a Canadian owned company incorporated in 2000 in Calgary, Alberta.

We are different from most job placement companies because we help you to recruit, train and retain the workers with ongoing HR support services.

ADCO Consulting Ltd. also specializes in helping Canadian companies to hire foreign workers from around the world. In the past 10 years we had successfully recruit skilled and semi-skilled foreign workers from Europe under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

For your satisfaction and business growth, ADCO Consulting will deliver to you not only services but also a comprehensive package as per following:

Guiding and Assisting the Employer to obtain LMO and to be in compliance with the legislative requirements of HRSDC and CIC

  • Recruiting Foreign Workers
  •  Interviewing and Screening Foreign Workers to ensure that they meet your Company requirements as well as the Government’s
  •  Completing the necessary documentation for the Foreign Workers in order to obtain the Work Permits
  •  Assisting and organizing the travel from overseas to Canada
  •  Providing assistance in obtaining SIN, WCB and Alberta Health Care documents required by the legislation
  •  Helping the Foreign Workers to integrate in the Canadian society by training them with Introductory English Courses
  •  Assisting Foreign Workers with accommodation and local transportation if necessary
  •  Ensuring that Foreign Workers are loyal to your company and they will fulfill their contracts by understanding their own benefits and interests of working for your company.

ADCO Consulting Ltd. is flexible to adapt our training and development programs to your Company Policy in order to guarantee prosperous benefits and a long term business relationship with your Company.


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